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Formal flora: symmetrical edible garden layouts (#1: Starburst)

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  • Five downloadable high quality layouts for this design,
  • Two base templates to create your own layouts (with and without walkways)
  • an 8-page ebook which includes plant suggestions for USDA zone 7 and
  • a zone converter from USDA to EGF/Australian/Canadian/RHS.

Want to start your own edible garden but stuck for ideas? Love formal gardens? Well, here you go!

One design (Starburst!), five layouts for a 16'x16' (5x5 meters) garden:

  • 'Veggie Delight',
  • 'Herb Heaven',
  • 'Fruit Frenzy',
  • 'Mixed Media', and
  • 'Flower Festival'.

Pick a layout, choose your plants, pop them in! It makes starting a formal edible garden easy.

If you want done-for-you formal edible garden layouts, this is for you!

If you're outside of USDA zone 7 you can still use the layouts: just pick plants in your zone! With my easy 'plant category' system, you can use the same layout for a number of purposes, even if you move to a different zone or climate.

What's with the price? Well, with everything I make most of the feedback I get is: you should be charging more for this! So that's what I'm doing. 

Pay what you want!

Free updates for life through membership in my Buyers' Club! You'll be given an invitation after you purchase.

Lifetime money back guarantee. Try it out. You don't love it? Send it back! (I've never had anyone ask for a refund yet.)

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Formal flora: symmetrical edible garden layouts (#1: Starburst)

0 ratings
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