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Easy Edible Landscape: Add a Beautiful Food Garden to Your Yard in Just 14 Days

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Here's what I've created for you:

A "no construction, no boxes" downloadable guide to incorporating the food plants you love into your existing landscaping in just 14 days. Set it up in less than an hour a day!

  • use your current irrigation and hardscape - no construction and minimal digging
  • keep the weeds and pests that plague your neighbors' gardens away from yours with easy techniques from nature
  • choose delicious, easy to care for plants in colors, shapes, and textures you love, and that make your home and yard look even better
  • without rows, boxes, back-breaking labor or heavy equipment (unless that's what you want!) 

Once you understand the basic principles, you can use this course season after season, for the rest of your life.

Package includes:

  • a 30 page PDF instructional ebook,
  • a 34 minute video covering all 14 days,
  • daily instructional emails through the first seven days plus regular follow-ups,
  • access to my private Facebook group, and
  • a MP3 audiobook of the course.

However you like to learn best!

Plus, now my companion ebook Easy Edible Landscapes is included, in ePUB (Nook/Kobo/iBooks) and mobi (Kindle) formats. A handy way to read a summary of the course at any time (currently selling for $2.99).

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100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Note: This course is for those who simply want to add edible plants to their existing landscape. Want to change your landscaping? You might prefer my Tasteful Yard Design course. 12 modules bringing you from where you are now to completely new landscaping for your home, as tasty as you want it to be!

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A 14-day course, with email and Facebook group support.

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Easy Edible Landscape: Add a Beautiful Food Garden to Your Yard in Just 14 Days

0 ratings
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