How to make your own garden landscape design plans

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Create Your Edible Garden Landscape Design Plans This Weekend

Homeowner! Want to make your own garden landscape design plans, but don't know where to start?

Here is the help you need!

This interactive downloadable workbook takes you step by step through the process of making a unique landscape design that works for you and your family.

Inside, you'll find thought-provoking questions and easy projects designed to help you create edible landscaping plans for your home -- using items you already have (or can get at your local store).

  • Discover some simple steps that will make your neighbors love your yard
  • Find out how to get your family using your yard again
  • Make your edible yard a place you feel proud to entertain in

"There's definitely a lot to take in from your book! I feel like you've provided me with a great map of the process and some terrific specific exercises to work through to get there. Thank you for a great tool and guide." -- Gretchen Walkup, Baltimore, MD, USA

I've been an organic food gardener since 1992. I became interested in edible landscaping in 2007. While I found many gardening sites online, there was little information for the home edible landscaper. What I did find was scattered among dozens of websites, often directed at landscape professionals. I have created this simple, easy to understand self-study workbook so you can begin your dream edible landscape right away!

This fourth edition ebook contains 34 pages.

Here's the Table of Contents:

Title page


Part 1: What do you have now? Examine your likes and needs, your family, your home, and your community

  • Project: exterior colors
  • Project: yard map -- this project has six parts.

Part 2: What do you want? What you and your family like and don't like

  • Project: garden collage
  • Project: family investigation

Part 3: Do you need an expert? Find out when to pick up the phone and get help

Part 4: Landscaping basics and how to use them, step by step -- how to put these classic landscape design elements into your garden landscape design plans right now.

  • Project: home picture
  • Project: lines
  • Project: shapes
  • Project: textures
  • Project: symmetry, balance, and proportion
  • Project: repetition
  • Project: transition

Final project: drawing your design


"Your workbook offers a great opportunity to assist beginners in walking through the design process without overwhelming them." -- Amy Stross, Cincinnati, OH (US)

This is a downloadable pdf ebook that you can read on your computer, phone, tablet, or Kindle. You'll need the free Adobe Reader to read it on your computer.

I recommend that you print it out, put it in a three-ring binder, curl up on the couch and start. Once you get it, you'll see why!

You really could have your design done by this weekend.

Or ... you could spend

  • hours searching out each piece of information yourself, and
  • hours more trying to figure out what's important and what isn't

(like I did).

It's up to you.

Want to see a preview first?

Click here to see the first 7 pages of "How to make your own garden landscape design plans"

100% lifetime (my life) guarantee -- even if you read it, use it, make your design from it, and then decide it wasn't worth the money, I'll refund every penny -- no questions asked!

(I've never had anyone ask for a refund yet.)

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A 34 page PDF workbook.

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How to make your own garden landscape design plans

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