Tasteful Yard Design: Basic course

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Home food gardener:
Is your yard doing what you need it to do?

Have you ever wondered

  • why you don't like being in your yard?

  • why your family doesn't use your yard?

  • why your kids whine about having to go into your yard, because there's nothing for them to do?

  • why children, neighbors, and delivery men track across your lawn?

  • why it just doesn't seem right to entertain in your yard?

Guess what ...?

These are design problems.

Just growing food plants in your yard, no matter how pretty you make it, won't fix a design problem.

You need a new design.

The good news is:

You can create one!

You don't need a landscape design degree or a license to design your own yard. Let me guide you there!

The course is a set of 12 self-study modules, each one a series of easy to understand activities -- lessons, worksheets, videos, resources, and projects.

  • 41 files

  • Over 3 hours of audio and video

  • A PDF instruction guide and workbook for each module

  • Resources and case studies

This is an independent self-study course with technical support only.

Anyone in the world with any level of gardening experience can benefit from this unique landscape design course - the only one I know of specifically for homeowners.

If you would prefer to take this course in an online group setting with full support (including my personalized review of your design process), click here for more information.

Or if you'd prefer a condensed PDF version of the course to print out at home, I have one for you here.

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41 files

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Tasteful Yard Design: Basic course

0 ratings
I want this!